SCS S11 Bluetooth With Integrated 2K Action Camera



The S11, our flagship product is designed to capture every moment on the road with an integrated Action Camera.

Adventure is calling! Record your travels on a full HD 2K action camera. The S-11 has 4 hours of video life and connects via Wi-Fi to the Mcam App on your phone to stream footage and change settings on the go. The S-11 is jam-packed with features allowing for Bluetooth connectivity with up to 4 devices.

From taking calls on the move to listening to your favourite tunes, the 5.0 Bluetooth connection will keep you smiling. The integrated intercom allows communication with another SCS unit with intercom. Communication between riders and pillions has never been easier. Group intercom with 4 riders at a distance of up to 500m.

  • Mounts easily onto any helmet with a clamp. Boom Mic and Pad Mic included.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to change the resolution on the camera and switch between camera and video mode. You can stream footage direct to your phone using the Mcam App
  • Long Battery Life, with 30 hours intercom life, 4 hours video, 15 days standby time. Can be used while charging.
  • Internal Camera MIC allows you to overlay voice overyour recording.  Perfect for Vlogging


  • Integrated Action Camera with Full HD 2K Video
  • Video and Still Photography Function
  • Camera has an internal and external MIC – perfect for Vlogging.  Record and Overlay your voice onto your videos while riding
  • Sony Lens with 120 Degree ultra-wide field of view
  • 2K Resolution with F1.8 Aperture
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Connects to 4 Bluetooth devices
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • 2.5 hour charge time, charge while riding
  • 2000 mAH battery capacity
  • 30 hours intercom, 4 hours video, 15 days standby time
  • 40mm Speaker
  • CVC Digital Noise Reduction
  • 500m intercom distance
  • Group intercom with 4 riders
  • Voice prompt
  • Volume control button
  • Rainproof – IPX6
  • Compatible with 16 GB or 32 GB SD Card
  • APTX Audio
  • Headset profile (HSP), Hands-free profile (HFP)
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
  • Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
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